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Cold Comforts

Posted on November 27th, 2012 by

As the weather turns and we recover from holiday bloating, we can settle in to some nice seasonal eating. Nothing says cozy on a brisk day like grilled cheese and soup for lunch. What’s that you say? Hard to get when you work in an office downtown? Never fear, Spicy Monkey Soup Company is here for you.

If you haven’t explored the wonders of the French Market at Ogilvie Station, you are missing out. They’ve got great options for all sorts of days, but Spicy Monkey is definitely one of the highlights. They have an ever rotating menu based on seasonal availability and, well, whatever they feel like making.

They serve wonderful fresh soups. They always have tomato soup and vegetable broth on hand, and a ton of add-ins you can throw in to customize your bowl, including pasta, vegetables, meatballs, and more. They also offer daily soup specials like clam chowder, split pea, or spicy gumbo. Yum!

To go alongside your bowl of deliciousness, grab one of their signature sandwiches. I’m partial to the Evil Fish, which is just a glorified tuna melt, but they also are the only eatery in Chicago to offer the Trust Me. This crazy idea of a sandwich is provolone and mozzarella melted with homemade blueberry jam. Yeah, they know. That’s why they call it Trust Me.

No matter what happened at the office to get you down, it’s nothing a little Spicy Monkey can’t fix. Give it a shot.

Spicy Monkey is located in the Chicago French Market at Ogilvie Station: 131 N. Clinton Street.

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