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Spice Up Brunch

Posted on November 13th, 2012 by

Brunch is always a welcome respite from the regular eating of three squares a day. But there’s more to it than eggs and pancakes, folks. I always like eating brunch at restaurants that focus on international cuisine, as I get some variety on my plate. A great place to do this is Cafe 28. I’ve written about this wonderful Cuban joint on the blog before, but I figured it warranted a repeat since I finally got to experience their weekend brunch menu.

In general, latin brunch is where it’s at. I think that the texture of beans with over easy eggs is a match made in heaven. Add some corn tortillas into the mix? Well, I’m all set to go. Cafe 28 does a great job on their brunch menu. They’ve got the things we’ve come to know and expect, like chilaquiles (a casserole-like plate of delicious), and huevos rancheros (doesn’t really need a parenthetical, right?). But there’s more to choose from…

I’d recommend the pork belly jalapeño hash, complete with plantains, queso fresco, and a tomatillo jam. It’s sweet and spicy bite will wake you up and delight the senses. I also enjoy their “Medianoche en la manaña.” This brings together elements of the ubiquitous medianoche sandwich—designed to please people after a night of drunken debauchery—with the ever-charming croque madame. The ham and swiss sandwich is topped with bacon and eggs and doused with syrup. If you don’t get a sugar high from this, there’s something wrong with you, but it is delicious without a doubt!

So this weekend, try something a little different. Spice things up, if you will?

Cafe 28 is located at 1800 W. Irving Park Rd at Ravenswood.


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